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How does the translation agency work?

Mar 23

In multicultural business environment it seems impossible not to, at some stage, use the services of a translation agency. It is a faster and cheaper way of finding a good translator that suits your text best. So, you send your content to the translation agency and they give it to the translator who happens to [...]Więcej

Cheerful granny, colored powder and eggs – spring customs around the world

Mar 09

With the current weather, spring still seems to be terribly far away. To sweeten a little bit our waiting for the first rays of the sun, let’s take a small trip around the world and see some different spring customs. Spring has always been associated with the new life, as everything wakes up after a long [...]Więcej

When to start outsourcing translations

Mar 02

With cheap airlines, online gaming, social networks and music videos everywhere, practically everyone can communicate in international English now. Having free online translations and hover over phone translation apps makes us feel we can do it all in one click. Just like we can all make artistic pictures with our tiny phone cameras. Who would [...]Więcej
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