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Google Translate – Friend or Foe?

Kwi 27

Admit it – you’ve probably used Google’s most famous language tool at some point in your life. Whether you had no idea what a word on a soda can meant, you didn’t recognize the language or simply could not remember that one word in a language you’re studying. Google Translate is a fast and free [...]Więcej

Let’s plan an exotic trip somewhere!

Kwi 20

Are any of you opposed to vacations? Who doesn’t like to have some days off to explore some new terrain? I’ll take a wild guess and say that there’s only a select few that would argue against having more time to relax like this. As May is rapidly approaching and we can see summertime just [...]Więcej

What do you (probably not) know about Latin America?

Kwi 05

There is no doubt that Latin America is a very interesting region of the world. What’s more, every country has its own secrets – we would like to present you some of them. Diego Maradona is not only one of the most important Argentinian footballers – in 1998 his fans founded his church (The Iglesia [...]Więcej
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