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When autumn moves into winter…

Lis 29

On the night of 29/30 November in Poland it’s a time of mysterious events with candles and games predicting the future, called Andrzejki (St Andrew’s Day) – the same as in the very past but nowadays repeated only for fun. The tradition of Andrzejki was observed in the 16th century and is still known and practiced [...]Więcej

Is it Christmas yet?

Lis 22

In the middle of November the autumn seems to lose all its colourful beauty. Halloween, All Saint’s Day is long gone and shoppers are looking for a new items to stuff into their shopping baskets. Then, all of a sudden, characteristic autumnal menus and decorations are replaced with Christmas lights, gingerbread and Santa’s hats. Is [...]Więcej

How to deal with the lack of sunlight?

Lis 10

When the days are shorter and we can see the sun only for few hours a day, we usually have less energy to do anything. If you have no possibility to travel to one of the countries where it is summer now, you have to find another solution to this problem. fot. Barbara Bączek Music Have you [...]Więcej
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