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The Shortest Month of the Year

Sty 31

Certainly, we are no longer surprised by the fact that there are years when February has 28 or 29 days. What is more, once it even had 30 of them. And there was also a time when it didn’t exist at all. February is the strangest of all the months. But why? Shortest of the year, [...]Więcej

Kamil Stoch – Polish King of Ski Jumping

Sty 24

6th of January 2018 was a very important day, not only in the Polish sports history. On that day Kamil Stoch became the second ski jumper to win all the competitions during a single 4 Hills Tournament. The first one was German Sven Hannawald in the 2001/02 season. There is no doubt that Kamil Stoch, [...]Więcej

Out of the Box – The Power of Creativity

Sty 09

There is no point in denying the importance of creativity in both private life and in a work environment. To think out of the box becomes the most popular among qualities while searching for new employees. And since January is the month of creativity, let’s have a look at this amazing human skill. Creativity seems to [...]Więcej
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