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Do Japanese women speak a separate language?

Lut 28

Do Japanese women speak a separate language?Do men and women speak the same language? On the face of it, yes, they do. People use the language which is spoken on a given territory and gender hasn’t got much to do with it. It turns out though that in Japan we have two different types of [...]Więcej

Saint Valentine – patron saint of love or something else?

Lut 13

Every year, from the very beginning of February, we can see a red colour everywhere. People get crazy about fluffy teddy bears, sweetest chocolates, beautiful flowers and all kinds of heart-shaped cards just to express their feelings for people their love the most. And all of that culminates on a Valentine’s Day.
Valentine’s Day is an [...]


Moldova – a hidden treasure

Lut 03

Have you ever heard of this small country located between Ukraine and Romania? Moldova is the least touristy country in the world. It’s a country with many fascinating spots not discovered by the crowds yet. Here are a few interesting facts about the Republic of Moldova.
Moldovan language
The Moldovans used to call their language “Moldovan”, but [...]

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