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Salamanca – the Golden City

lis 13

Salamanca is the most student-dominated city in Spain, which is located on the west of the country. One of the reasons why so many youth decide to study in Salamanca is the fact that the University located there was founded in 1218 by King Alfonso IX; it was the fourth university in Europe. One of [...]Więcej

W poszukiwaniu jesieni

paź 31

Nie jest łatwo przejść obojętnie obok przyrody skąpanej w jesiennych barwach. Dla fotografa to wręcz niemożliwe. Próbuje, stara się, walczy, ale jakaś niewidzialna siła wyciąga jego rękami aparat z futerału. Uruchamia. Ustawia. Pstryka. Walka przegrana. Jesień to ulubiona pora roku wielu fotografów i na pewno ciężko sobie bez niej wyobrazić fotograficzny kalendarz. A jeśli takie [...]Więcej

Conference interpreters have nerves of steel!

paź 16

There are many jobs that require special concentration, among them the profession of a conference interpreter. In the face of professional stress, translators are between anaesthesiologists and air traffic controllers (the most stressed) and florists and hairdressers (the least stressed). Nevertheless, handling stress at work is a big problem because it has a big impact on [...]Więcej

Back to school, kids!

wrz 12

The beginning of the school year is a great experience for all children from all over the world. Some of them are happy because of a return to classmates, others are afraid because of what the new year will bring. However, everybody would like to know where the school came from and where the holidays [...]Więcej

Summer bouquets of August

sie 23

August is inextricably linked to herbs, flowers, and the harvest. Today we invite you to look through the juicy, lively colors of floral compositions. They can decorate our houses and fill them with a delicate scent of summer’s twilight. Though it will return next year, it can remind us of its presence throughout the coming [...]Więcej
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