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Learning a Foreign Language? Do These 5 Things Everyday

sie 12

Lucy from Britain, shares her native English with the world via her channel on YouTube called English With Lucy. In numerous videos, she offers tips and comparisons such as „American vs British Expressions and Phrases” and „5 Things Native English Speakers Never Say!”. However, I found her video „5 Things You Need to Practice Every [...]Więcej

Is our office ecologically friendly to the environment?

lip 29

Atominium works with translators who are skilled in many different languages and located all over the world. Because these workers can choose their living and work spaces, it allows both them and Atominium to be more ecologically friendly to the environment. How so? Well, when people are able to work from home they have options [...]Więcej

Translator versus Technology

lip 05

With the advent of modern technologies, people often wonder if a translators job will soon become obsolete. At present, it seems unlikely due to the complexities of human communication. Languages develop, grow and change over time. Combine that with the difficulties of translating from one language group into a completely different one, like from Japanese [...]Więcej

Differences between Spanish – South America and Europe

cze 17

Languages change when spreading to new places. Spanish, due to its huge range and the distance between the countries in which it is used, has developed forms characteristic for the regions. During colonization by Spain of certain areas of North America, territories of Central America and South America, the language of the colonizers became a [...]Więcej

Hindi – the fourth most spoken language in the world

cze 05

Hindi is the mother tongue for over 200 million people. In fact, it is used by many more people because it is not only the official language next to English, but also the language used in traffic instructions. Over half a billion Indians speak Hindi. This language is the fourth most widely used language in the [...]Więcej
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